February 29th Marmalade Workshop


We are now in the dark depths of winter, aren't we? We've already started looking forward to spring, and so has our collective palate. We have been craving citrus and bright flavours (both in our food and coffee!), thinking that maybe eating sunshine could be a replacement for the real thing. We're not sure if we're succeeding, but we haven't given up yet.

In the spirit of winter darkness and the promise of springtime in the distance, we've focused our February edition of our Preservation Workshop Series on marmalade. Citrus is at the height of it's seasonality in February, and we should be grateful! It not only raises our spirits in the lean months, but it also lends to making fabulous marmalade - a true seasonal gem worthy of stocking up on.

In this workshop, we'll show you how to make our best selling marmalade, Rites of Spring. This preserve is a showcase for super fragrant lemons, mellowed with organic lavender. A super delicate jelly suspends chewy lemon peel and delicate lavender buds, and we use the whole fruit, from zest to pip, without the use of commercial pectin. It is brilliant on warm scones and a revelation stirred into Greek yogurt. Truly, the possibilities are endless - it's even perfect swirled into hot water as a bed time tonic. 
This workshop will prepare you to take on small batch marmalade production at home, safely and seasonally. Led by demonstration, each guest will have the chance to try important preservation techniques in our open kitchen. Complimentary tea, coffee, and baked goods will be served, and each guest will leave with a recipe and jar of marmalade. The workshop will be held at Red Door Provisions on Monday, February 29th, from 6-8PM. Cost is $60/person and is limited to 10 guests. 

Hoping you will join us - registration by email, phone, or at Red Door Provisions.

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